I completed an offer, but why wasn't I credited?

When you complete an offer through one of the many offer walls we offer, you should contact the respective offer wall where you completed the offer. Most offer walls will have a "Support" or a "Contact Us" link within the list of offers you see.

Submit as much information as requested by the offer wall company for them to research your missing points report. After a few days, they will update your request and it's possible a manual credit will be issued to your account with CreationsRewards.

If you are still not credited for your completed offer signup, you can contact CreationsRewards, and we will be happy to investigate your missing credit further.

Remember, you can only complete each offer once. This means if you previously registered for a particular offer on another website, have registered for it on a different offer wall in the past, or ever signed up for a particular offer, you will not receive credit again.

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