What is the Daily Goal Bonus?

Each day, when you login to CreationsRewards, you will have the chance to earn a daily goal bonus. A daily goal bonus is two sets of point targets. The first part of the bonus is called a quick bonus, and the second part is called a full bonus. Here's how it works:

  • The top of any page (in the menu on mobile) when logged in there will be a button called "Bonus". Tap or click on it, and it will explain the points you need to earn to reach various bonus levels.
  • If you earn this number of points today before 11:59pm ET, you will earn the bonus points listed for reaching the goal.
  • The full bonus is a higher target of points to earn today. If you reach this target, you will earn the full bonus instead, which is almost 3x the number of bonus versus the quick bonus.
  • The bonus targets change daily. The more points you earn on CreationsRewards, the higher your daily goal bonuses will be! Make sure you take your Daily Surveys, since these will enable you to hit your daily goal bonuses much faster.

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