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When will my PayPal redemption credit to my account?
You will receive your PayPal funds within 48 hours after the processed date for your redemption. Remember, PayPal redemptions can take up to 8 weeks to be issued in some cases.
What is my password? I can't access my account.
If you are unable to login, please check to see the error presented upon your attempt to login.• If you receive a "Password Error" this means your account is in our system, but you entered the wrong password. Simply try again to login, or request your password from this link: • Click Here to...
What are points worth?
CreationsRewards Points have no associated cash value and are assigned no value. To view our redemption options, visit the "Rewards" menu. From here, you can view the items available that you can exchange your points for.
I completed a survey in full, but was not credited.
If you completed a survey in full from one of our Daily Survey partners, you can submit a survey inquiry to us using the survey inquiry tool linked below, or access it via the "My Account" menu while on our website. You must provide all data that we ask for on the inquiry form. Submitting an...
Do points expire?
Points on CreationsRewards never expire, however, you must earn at least 1 (one) point within a 12 (twelve) month period to keep your account in active status.  Accounts that go inactive will lose points earned.